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Trevelyan's ,A Truely NZ Kiwi Packhouse- Part 1

Dear Readers ,
I honestly thank you very much for your full support .
I know i have been absent on my blog for quite sometime, I promise i will balance my time to consistency drop something special here  .
oh...and im Flying to NZ again soon!

Today im gonna share about the best seasonal job place I've worked in New Zealand.

When i mentioned "Seasonal JOB" or "Horticulture Jobs" or even  "Viticulture Jobs"...What do you think of ? How did your imagination shows ?

Peoples that i've shared about , Never had a clear pictures until i told them wasn't that way and they will be real surprise about it.

When i mentioned about kiwifruit pack house ,which will you think of ?
Seeka ?Satara ? Apata ?Eastpack?Hukapack ?

For me.....Its always Trevelyan's !!

Why Trevelyan ?

Because ...

TREVELYAN's , A very peaceful environment which never let you feel homesick,A place where you meets all the great people~
A place where you work with all awesome and caring management team (Gay ,Jodi ,Linda,Brenda etc).
A place that i Experience the most hectic repack season with Trevelyan(compulsory 12hours per-day... and compulsory repack 1000 pallet per-week)which was scary but enjoyable~
Last but not least~A Place and peoples that i would never forget in my life. Thanks for the opportunities being with Trevelyan in the year of April 2008-November2008 .


Love to share some of the packhouse photos...I think which might fix some of your imagination.

               Production Entrance Left and Right

The Grading Area (which i do)
loads of kiwis came from different growers
We  grade for the best to export

The machine automatically rolled the kiwis for packing

The Packing Area
The machine  will auto generate the size and different label to the right lane for packaging
In peak season , They have 2 shift which is day and night shift .
Every shift ,they have few hundreds of candidates playing (works out) with the KIWIs.
Although jobs are kinda boring as you do  not really required your brain to function + routinely same jobs but Its really an amazing time .
I worked in night shift and i love it to the max.Jobs at 6pm to 3am .
The atmosphere was so warming and the background radio music...recalled me of some elder permanent staff...they love to switch from pop radio to 50's 60's music..which made me unforgettable.

Packing seasons started in end of march all the way to june .
They used to do celebration when peak season ends. The management get so well prepared for  all the WHS candidates .
 We have gathering celebration with all the WHS around the world
The prepared 'HANGI' for us which was Maori's Traditional meal. 
(a must try food in NZ) 
Its really taste special. (although i don used to the taste)
 Ok...I knew its doesn't look tasty and i bet you must be wondering whats that .
Its actually contains Chicken , Pork,Mutton,Lamb and with generous portions of root vegetables such as kumara (sweet potato),pumpkin,carrot,potato,onions and cabbage.
What i meant its special because its doesn't contains any salt but some might add up some herbs like rosemary or garlic

More Info (from google/wikipedia) :
Hāngi  is a traditional New Zealand Māori method of cooking food using heated rocks buried in a pit oven still used for special occasions.

This is how they heat from rare  to cooked

After finishing our Hangi ,
The Maori's even prepared their traditional dance .
I love their Haka Dance very much! Damm Cool!
Im trying to share some video but keep on fail uploading , will figure it out soon

People that i will never forget
Linda and Gay

My bunch of Housemates
My direct supervisor
(omg , i look like dumpling! Its winter man!)

My Working Partners
(without them , i can't imagine how's work done .
coz they are the one joke with me for the 10-12hours 24/7)

Lastly , Missyaki in the house !

P/S : If anyone of you happened to work with Trevelyan , Please do send my regards to Jodi , Gay ,Linda,Brenda and all of them ! Tell them i miss them and will visit them soon!

Coming up next , 
Trevelyan's Part 2 ,Re-pack life and also Maori dance video !
Stay tune ! Promise this time wouldn't be long as im fully job free!

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